Stonemason Specialising in Stone Homes, Stone Chimneys & Stone Fireplaces

Peninsula Stonemasons have been in stonemasonry for more than 30 years. We are “dry” stonework specialists and are skilled in many techniques utilising sandstone, granite, bluestone or limestone. We specialise in working closely with architects, designers and builders to bring your ideas to life.

Our stonework spans small private contracts to large scale infrastructure. Stone structures include stone houses, stone chimneys, stone features and feature walls, fireplace design and construction, and stone paving.

We are also experienced in many building methods, including dry laid stonework and mortar laid stonework. Working in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula, we’ve completed dozens of exciting commercial and luxury home projects including many prominent stone homes around Melbourne.

If you’re an architect or builder, please feel free to direct your client to this website where they may view an extensive variety of stone structures in sandstone, limestone, granite and bluestone. Alternatively, if you’re designing your own home and are looking for inspirational stonework, please browse our projects

Don’t hesitate to call Cam Freeden on +61 418 357 650 to discuss your project.